Replica Hermes added a big new product this year.

Hermes added a big new product this year through the slim Hermes collection with slim thickness and Maison design code. replica paneraiThe brand's attachment to Slim Dermã ©s all the way to Lech Enpaciant with alarms, the perpetual calendar in blue dial with glamorous platinum, and Grrrrr! Meanwhile, the Cape Cod, which celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, is still evolving, offering a wide range of choices, including men's models with calibers and a higher version with a luxurious lacquer dial. A petite-sized Nantucket watch that maximizes glamor with a diamond setting should not be missed!

Lech Enpaciant has a very special function. An alarm function that notifies the user of a specific time is implemented through hearing (chime) and time (retrograde hand) at the same time. The alarm function is a complication introduced by other brands, but there is no case that the hour of the hand is notified that the time is approaching like the hourglass. Born in collaboration with Jean-Marc Bidderecht, one of the genius watchmakers.

The bears growl grgrrrr on the dial. You can feel the essence of miniature painting in the intense eyes and the wind of every day, and the bear's figure comes from the pattern of silk scarf designed by Alice Shirley. The slim Hermes case in white gold is used, and the 2.6mm thick self-winding caliber H950 beats beneath the roaring bear.

Designed by Henri Dorini, the Cape Cod is a symbol of Hermes' watch and its distinctive design is still attractive over time. Hermes this year features a modern design steel case with a black DLC coating and a matte black dial. The bland barrenia strap is also finished in black, making it a totally different look from the existing Cape Cod.

A petit-size version of the Nantucket watch featuring a rectangular dial and case. The 17mm wide and 23mm wide steel case is matched to Hermes' double tour strap for a stylish look on the wrist. A rose gold case version with 186 white diamonds is also available.